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 July  Wed - 24th  Summer Party  (Hoffman Salvers)  (Evening) Agg.     Jan.    Frid - 17th   NEBA Kempson Vase Heat  (Teams of Four) A
     Sun - 19th   Inter Club Matches (Round 4)
   Aug.  Thurs - 15th  Mens & Ladies Pairs (Ajit Cup & W/B Rose Bowl)     Mon - 27th   Carl Piers Trophy  (M.P. Pairs) 
   Sept.  Mon - 9th  Miller Vase  Charity Handicap   Feb.  Mon - 3rd    NEBA Kempson Vase Heat  (Teams of Four) B
    Thurs - 12th  NEBA Gazette Cup Qualifier A    Sun - 9th   NEBA Chronical Cup Final  (At Whitley Bay)
     Mon - 16th  NEBA Gazette Cup Qualifier B  Frid - 14th   NGS Pairs Handicap  (Williamson Cup)
     Sun - 22rd   Senior Pairs (NEBA Event)  at  WB&TBC    Wed - 19th   Annual Dinner  (Jackson Salvers)
    Oct.  Sun - 13th  Inter Club Matches (Round 1)     Mar.  Mon - 9th   Leon Cup II  (M.P. Pairs)
      Sat - 19th   Queen Elizabeth Cup (M.P. Pairs)    Sun - 15th  Inter Club Matches (Round 5)
      Sun - 20th  NEBA Gazette Cup Final   (Darlington)     Wed - 18th  Bishop TroPhy & Parrack Cup (Agg. Pairs)
            Sat - 28th  Kempson Vase Final (Stannington)
   Nov.   Mon - 4th   Priory (Bishop) Rose Bowl (M.P. Pairs)        
       Sun - 10th     Inter Club Matches (Round 2)    Apr.  Mon - 6th    George Pyle TroPhy   NGS H/Cap
     Thurs - 14th  Children in Need Sim. Pairs  (Charity)  Thurs - 16th  Club Championship Pairs (Hamblin Brd)
    Mon - 18th    NEBA Chronical Cup Qualifier A    Thurs - 23rd  Flitch (Cowan Cup)  (M.P. Pairs)
     Thurs - 28th    NEBA Chronical Cup Qualifier B     Thurs - 30th    NEBA Summer Pairs Qualifier A
     Dec.  Sun - 15th    Inter Club Matches (Round 3)   May   Sun - 3rd     Wightman Cup (Club Team Champions) 
     Wed - 18th  Christmas Party (Chapman & Sanderson Salvers)     Mon - 4th    NEBA Summer Pairs Qualifier B
        Sat - 9th   Deane Cup - Club Champ Pairs (Stannington)
   Jan.   Mon - 6th   Leon Cup I  M.P. Pairs   Mon -  11th   Fleming Cup  (Monday Morning Class)  
     Tues - 7th   NEBA Chronical Cup Semi Final (Darlington)     Thurs - 21st   Annual General Meeting
    Thurs - 16th   NEBA Chronical Cup Semi Final (Stannington)   Frid - 22nd   Harvey Shield  (Friday Morning Class)
      Tues - 29th   Grosvenor Cup (Tuesday Morning) Acc. Ave.
      Master Points tro Phies April to March       Master point          Day 
 Gordon Tro Phy          Apr. to Sept.      Monday
 Percy Cup          Oct. to Mar.       Monday
 M.P. Tro Phy    Player < Master          All
 M. P. Tro Phy    > Master & < Reg.           All
 Jessie Graham vase               Female    Wednesday 
 Small Cup                Male     Wednesday 
 Silver Salver (NEBA/WB)                Year      Thursday 
 League Cup                Year         Friday 
 Duke of Edinburgh Tro Phy                Year       Saturday 
 Brett (Small) Rose Bowl   % Increase in NGS             All