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Chairman  Steve Renold 0191 2576494


Secretary  Jim Neilson 0191 2528904


Treasurer  Laurie Monkhouse 0191 2532905 E-mail
T. Captain

 David Morrison

 0772 2147556 E-mail
Web Master  Phil Jackson 0191 2574909 E-mail

Whitley Bay & Tynemouth Bridge Club
Closed until further notice

Whitley Bay  & Tynemouth Bridge Club (EBU and NEBA affiliated) 220, Whitley Road, Whitley bay,  NE26 2TA. Tel. 0191 2513655
  Club Sessions Learn & Play Sessions
  Table money 1.50 members, 2.00 non members Table money 3.00
  Monday evening  7pm M.P. pairs session Monday morning  10am to 12pm (partners available)
  Wednesday afternoon  2pm Agg. pairs session Friday morning   10am to 12pm (partners available)
  Thursday evening  7pm M.P. pairs session Assisted Play session:-  Table money 2.00
  Friday evening  7pm M.P. pairs session Tuesday Morning 10am to 12:15pm (partners available)
  Saturday Eve.  6:30pm Agg. or M.P. pairs session Beginners Bridge Class Table money 3.00 (See Classes)
  North Shields Bridge Club (not EBU affiliated)     Tuesday evening 6:30pm Table money 1.50 Agg. pairs

Please arrive early.  Partner required ? Ring Dorothy on 01915977517 Non-members welcome.

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