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  Pairings are as shown. Season three to start Saturday 27th June.  Lists with user names, Tel. Nos, & e'mails have been
  circulated to all participants.

All matches to consist of 10 boards. Total IMP's to be recorded for each match. Each pair to play every other. All six or seven rounds to be completed within two weeks. Ring or e'mail the results after each match.
Top two to be promoted and bottom two relegated. In line with Wearside, Durham, and Morpeth & District.
In the event of a tie, the result between the two pairs will decide, and if necessary a 12 board play off.
Final placings will show IMP's converted to Victory Points. (See conversion table on cross table page)

Guide lines 
All matches should be played in the Acol Player's Bridge Club (Casual / All Public and Private Clubs / Acol Player's Bridge
Club). This is to ensure that the IMP's awarded are derived from a large number of players playing the same boards, using
the same system, and therefore more accurate.
At the end of your ten board match, start board 11 and before the last card is played record the IMP score.
The score should be agreed with both pairings. Use the History button to show all results. All system bids, other than
standard acol bids, should be self alerted.
It is possible to ask to take your bids back, but the EBU recomends that this feature is not implemented, to save disputes. This link gives details of self alerting and queries.

Make sure that you fill in the profile section, on your account, to show details of your bidding system. Basic Acol with a  weak no trump etc. Also when using the chat function, ensure that you are chatting to the table and not to  the lobby or club. When setting up a table, slide the buttons to ensure kibitzers need permission to play.

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